Brain injury is common among people as they ageSyda Productions on Canva

Brain Injury Awareness for Older Adults

We often associate traumatic brain injuries (TBI) with youth…
Independence for aging adultsSyda Productions

The Importance of Independence for Aging Adults

The feeling of independence is key for many people as they begin…
Medical appointment reminder

Customer Testimonial: Barbara’s Visit from the North

This week we will hear from Barbara, who enjoyed her recent…
Tips on Dealing with Stubborn Aging ParentsLjupco on Pixabay

5 Tips for Dealing with Stubborn Aging Parents

The aging process is a difficult transition for many - especially…
Daughter is primary caregiver to aging mother

Caregiver Spotlight

**The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the…
Aging adults in yoga class to practice healthy active livingCanva

Healthy Active Living for Your Aging Loved One

Being a healthy and active individual is a goal for many people.…
When distance separates family members.Patrick Chu on iStock

When Distance Separates You and Your Loved One

When distance separates you and your family, life can sometimes…
Nurses at iAccompanyiAccompany

Happy International Nurses Day!

As we celebrate International Nurses Week, we would like to…
Meet Our Team at iAccompany

Our Team

  Jeff ReitbergerChief Executive Officer   The…
Tips for strong mental health

5 Tips for Strong Mental Health

As we celebrate Mental Health Week by the Canadian Mental Health…
Dilemma for family caregivers in the sandwich generation.Vorda

Dilemma for Family Caregivers Everywhere

‘Quit or get fired’ is a dilemma for many individuals in…
Advance care planning allows for families to age in place, if that's important to them.Dean Mitchell on iStock

The Importance of Advance Care Planning

On April 16 we celebrated National Advance Care Planning Day…
Asking for Help Makes Us Strongercanaran on Canva

Asking for Help: A Sign of Strength

Asking for help is a challenge for many people. Whether it be…
Guest Writer Jackson's experiences with aging adults.

My Experiences Working with Aging Adults

Guest Writer: Jackson Charron Hi, I’m Jackson and I am the…
Siblings must work together to ensure the best care for their aging parents.Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Tips for Managing Care Between Siblings

Siblings play an important role when parents begin to age. Caregiving…
The three pillars of iAccompany

The 3 Pillars of iAccompany

In this week’s blog we will discuss in more detail the three…
Solutions for the sandwich generation to live a more balanced lifeRobert Kneschke on Canva

Solutions for the Sandwich Generation

This two-part feature unveils the many responsibilities the sandwich…
The sandwich generation is challenged with taking care of their children while also providing care for their aging parents.

The Challenges Faced by the Sandwich Generation

If you are unfamiliar with the term, the “sandwich generation”…
Customer Testimonial from Kelly, Ease Your Mind with iAccompanyiAccompany

Customer Testimonial: Ease Your Mind

This week we connected with Kelly, who used our accompaniment…

Improving Healthcare Appointments

On this week's blog, we are catching up with President, Byrnes…
Senior couple aging in place on their porchSteve Cole on Unsplash

Aging in Place Made Possible with iAccompany

The concept of aging in place has become more fluent when discussing…
Jackson speaking to a potential client about the iAccompany service.iAccompany

Jackson Explains What Makes iAccompany So Unique

Today we are catching up with our business development specialist,…
Aging adult falls on floorUnsplash

iAccompany – Your Ally with Fall Prevention

Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury. This…
Larry enjoyed his ride with iAccompany is found the service very beneficial.

Customer Testimonial: Riding with Larry

Today we will hear from Larry, a gentleman who used iAccompany…
Family representative answers questions about her experience with iAccompany and her previous experiences as a nurse.iAccompany

Fulfillment and Appreciation from Nursing Professionals

Sandra Charron has been active in the healthcare industry for…
Caregiver stress on top of having a professional career can be overwhelming. Let iAccompany help.

Is Caregiver Stress Affecting Your Health?

Most caregivers will experience a variety of feelings such as…
Creating a user-friendly experience with our website and mobile app

From Our CTO: Using our Website and Mobile App

This week, we caught up with the iAccompany Chief Technology…

Catching Up With Our CEO

This week, we caught up with Jeff Reitberger, Chief Executive…
Meet Marney - an iAccompany user

Customer Testimonial: Message from Marney

At Ease with iAccompany At iAccompany, we are working to take…
Caregiver and her patient out for a walk following a doctors' appointment

The Solution

Many stresses and pressures revolve around being a caregiver…
Photo by Choreograph on iStock

The Problem

According to Statistics Canada, 1 in 4 Canadians aged 15 and…