Caregiver and her patient out for a walk following a doctors' appointment

The Solution

Many stresses and pressures revolve around being a caregiver for your loved ones. Oftentimes, caregivers will develop their own physical or mental health issues as a result of the stress they take on. It is human nature to want to care for the people who once took care of us, but it can be a big responsibility. 

We at iAccompany are looking to help you alleviate that stress – particularly the stress that comes with attending your loved one’s medical appointments.

At iAccompany, we’ve leveraged the technology we’re all so accustomed to using. By simply opening the iAccompany app or going to, you can immediately book an appointment for your loved one. A pickup time will be established and a family representative will meet them at the specified location to accompany them to their appointment. 

From there, a family representative will sit in on the appointment with the healthcare provider to ensure accurate communication between your loved one and their doctor. Notes will be taken on your behalf, as well as any questions you may have will be answered. 

When an adult child lives in another city or cannot attend medical visits themselves, they often get an incomplete picture of what the doctor prescribed. When the adult child tries to gain more information from their elder parent they often get vague responses or misinformation, and following up with the doctor’s office can be unsuccessful. 

Following the appointment, the iAccompany family representative will travel home with your loved one and make any stops necessary to pick up medications, complete any lab tests, or for general accompaniment following the doctor’s visit. 

Once the patient is safely at home, you will receive a same day post-appointment report of what was discussed at the appointment as well as the answers to any additional questions that were asked on your behalf. The full report is crucial in allowing the adult child to understand and communicate with their parents about their health issues, ensuring nothing is left to chance. 

As a working parent – with a family or child(ren) of your own to look after – it can be difficult to keep up with a busy schedule. In addition, the needs of an elder parent can be overwhelming on top of your usual responsibilities. 

With our app, our customers can personalize their experience by requesting the same family representative (subject to availability) to accompany your loved one.  You can also track their trip to and from the doctors’ office so you can stay connected even if you cannot be there in person.

At iAccompany, we make it easy to continue to care for your aging parents, especially when your schedule becomes overwhelming. It is common to feel guilty, anxious, or stressed when taking care of your loved ones, and we are here to ease that stress. 


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