Improving Healthcare Appointments

On this week’s blog, we are catching up with President, Byrnes Benoit, to discuss how iAccompany came to fruition, and what makes it such a unique service.

Byrnes and CEO, Jeff Reitberger, have been friends for many years and came to the realization that they had a shared experience – that of helping their aging parents navigate the healthcare system. 

Their idea was to create a technology-based, service-oriented resource to families when it comes to attendance at medical appointments. The mission of their plan was to bring peace of mind to families – iAccompany is a result of that collaboration. 

“iAccompany is a unique service,” said Byrnes. “There are many healthcare transportation services available to anyone who wants to consider one. What we do is give you the peace of mind of being in the examination room with your loved one.”

With peace of mind as the vision, the team created the steps necessary to ensure that families felt safe and secure using our trusted service. The first step was enlisting nursing professionals who are vetted, qualified, passionate, and experienced in the challenges aging adults face, and allowing them to connect and form relationships.

From there the appointment steps are simple:

  • An iAccompany family representative – a nursing professional – picks your loved one up at their home
  • They accompany them to their appointment, keeping them relaxed and communicating along the way
  • Keeps them company in the waiting room and sits in on the appointment with the healthcare professional
  • Poses any questions you may have identified when you registered online or through the mobile app, and takes detailed notes of the discussion
  • Accompany your loved one to any post appointment activities, such as lab work, getting a prescription changed, or whatever else may be required as a result of the appointment 
  • Returns your loved one safely to their place of residence

Once your loved one is secure at home, the family representative prepares a report that answers your questions as well as provides a detailed summary of the appointment that took place. 

This report is peer-reviewed and then posted on our secure server. You are provided with a link to this report which you can review at your convenience and further discuss with family members to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

“The report gives you the peace of mind to act in a proactive manner, an informed-manner, when it comes to the healthcare of your aging loved one,” said Byrnes. 

One problem that iAccompany is focused on solving is the miscommunication that often occurs between aging parents and adult children. 

If you cannot be there yourself, the full message of what the doctor said does not always reach the ears of the adult child. In aging adults with dementia or other cognitive impairments, a service like iAccompany is even more important.

“iAccompany puts you in the examination room with the healthcare provider and your loved one, and let’s you know exactly what transpired,” said Byrnes. “This allows you to better approach the ongoing contribution you make to the healthcare of your aging loved one.”

Instead of just focusing on transportation – like so many senior services out there – our team of founders knew the significance of having a nursing professional in the room and what kind of stress relief that would bring to families. 

When you have all the facts, and can review and reflect on the recommendations made by the doctor, and make more informed decisions. This gives your family the confidence necessary to act accordingly. 

It also allows your whole family to stay connected when it comes to the healthcare of your aging parent. Whether you live in a different province than your parent, or don’t have the time necessary to spend at appointments – iAccompany makes it easy to stay connected.

“With iAccompany, you’ll have the peace of mind and the information you need going forward to better assist your loved one with their healthcare needs.”

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