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The concept of aging in place has become more fluent when discussing the senior community. New studies show that the average lifespan continues to grow and is now 89 years old for females, and 87 for males. Over 18% of Canada’s population is 65 and older, and studies suggest that it will reach 20% by 2025.

An impressive number that can also be worrisome, if we don’t have the infrastructure to keep up with these changing times. To accommodate these statistics, we need services like iAccompany to make the aging process more valuable, and to make aging in place possible.

To make aging in place possible, families need options to be able to support their loved ones and give them the quality of life they are familiar and comfortable with. 

Considering your options early – whether for yourself or an aging loved one – helps to make the process smoother when the time comes. This allows seniors to make graceful transitions into their next chapter, and to not make abrupt changes that can harm their mental or physical wellbeing.

With falls and other injury risks on the mind, it is important to be proactive and not reactive, as an accident or crisis is not a good time for change.

iAccompany is a great step when talking about your loved one’s healthcare. Our service allows our clients to be independent, while getting the help they need. It is a way to keep families connected, by having your questions answered by the doctor, and receiving post appointment reports even though you are not physically there yourself.  

There are many reasons to let your loved one age in place – here are just a few:

  • Independence

At some point in everyone’s lives, total independence becomes impossible. Whether it be physical or cognitive decline, we will all need help completing everyday tasks. However, with the help of iAccompany, we can give seniors their independence and control. Allow them to live in their home, but give them the help they need to get around, see the doctor, do blood work or lab tests, and still be in control of their life. 

Adults moving into senior living centres lose a lot of their independence as they are no longer in control of their daily routines or activities. Living everyday as they want is a key to giving aging adults the dignity and independence they deserve. 

  • Maintain Usual Routines

Being surrounded by new people in a different environment than they are used to is a big stressor for many seniors. An abrupt change to your schedule such as certain times for eating or activities can be very upsetting. By aging in place, your loved one gets to keep their normal routine, and make small changes to their schedule. Hiring services to come in and help with meal preparation or out-of-home care services like iAccompany, can make their routine better and give them the company they cherish along the way.

  • Healthier Environment

By living at home, you reduce the risk of contracting illnesses that often spread in retirement homes. As we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, senior homes can be a dangerous place when illnesses spread. The flu, or other diseases and infections, spread easily and not all seniors have the immune system to fight back. By keeping your loved ones in their home, and still getting them the help they need, you are allowing them to live in a healthier environment where they are less likely to be immunocompromised. 

  • Better Quality of Life

Quality of life is a huge discussion when concerning senior care. Aging gracefully and peacefully is important for the generations that do so much to raise families, work to contribute to society, and now deserve to live out their days in peace. Aging in place allows seniors to stay in their place of comfort, a home that holds so many of their memories, and in a community that they are familiar with. As they age, mental barriers can create problems and keeping them in a familiar space can be very comforting for them, and the rest of your family.

  • Community Connections

Feeling like a part of the community is important for people as they age. Just like how we grow attached to our home, we also grow attached to our neighbours, church members, and other community activities you may be involved in. As we age, relationships become an important aspect of our happiness, and staying connected to friends is critical. 

Keeping seniors connected is an important part of their independence and allows them to continue to be social and interactive with the community around them. 

  • Home is Home

Many seniors have called their residence ‘home’ for decades, where they have formed memories and relationships within their walls and in the community around them. Services such as iAccompany help make aging in place possible.

By having a plan, you can avoid the stress of making plans when it’s too late. Abrupt changes are not good for the mind or body, and oftentimes seniors are put into long-term care too soon. By taking a breath and reviewing your options, you can keep your aging parents at home where they feel free, independent, and in control of their life. At the same time, you can have the peace of mind that they are taken care of – in professional and capable hands.

At iAccompany we provide you with a trusted and reliable service, using our vetted and qualified nurses to better communicate your loved ones healthcare needs. Our goal is peace of mind for you and your family, because we know life doesn’t always make it easy.

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