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At Ease with iAccompany

At iAccompany, we are working to take the anxiety, uncertainty, and unknowns out of medical visits for your loved ones. Through our easy to use app, we created a user experience like no other. 

A nursing professional will meet your loved ones at their place of residence, travel with them to their appointment, sit it on the appointment while taking notes, accompany them on post-appointment activities,  see them safely home and send you a written report within 24 hours.

Using the app, you can book the appointment by selecting date, time, and pick up location of the visit. You can also track the vehicle as it travels so you know when they are picked up and returned safely home.

But you’ve heard enough from us – let’s hear from a current iAccompany user, Marney S.

Marney engaged with iAccompany as a way to help her sister, Kelly, who had a lot of medical appointments throughout the year and did not drive. As taking the bus was not an option, and getting rides from her 85-year-old mother was becoming problematic, Marney and Kelly decided they needed to find a different solution to get Kelly to her many medical appointments.

From the start, Marney was very pleased with iAccompany.. “The iAccompany website as well as the mobile app has a very good user experience. Minimal clicks, and at a glance you can look at all the upcoming scheduled appointments very clearly.”

Booking appointments through the website ( or the app are simple procedures, as you can see below:

iAccompany 3 step process to book your appointment

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“Even if you have more than one family member using iAccompany, you can personalize their profile with their name and photo, so you can see their schedule clearly to keep you organized.”

Marney suggests spending some time setting up your health profile, as it is important to match the needs of the patient to the nurse. She also was happy that the app safely keeps the information, such as the address of the patient, as it makes the process even easier when booking your next appointment with an iAccompany family representative. You can even personalize the nurse that meets with your loved ones to allow them to build a friendship (based on availability).

“My sister found it comforting to have the nurse with her in the car. It put her at ease going into the appointment and also gave me peace of mind knowing she had someone to go with her,” said Marney.

Following the appointment, Marney also was pleased that if your loved ones need further lab work done, or needs to pick up a prescription, the nurse is there to do that as well.

After your loved one is returned safely home, the nurse sends you a formal report of what was discussed, questions that were asked and answered, as well as any suggestions the doctor or nurse have for your loved one. 

“The iAccompany reports from the nurse after the appointments had the appropriate amount of detail. What I liked is that it included recommendations from the nurse for the patient or caregiver, which we did discuss between myself and my family member,” said Marney. “From that we were able to make improvements for her future appointments which was quite helpful.”

As far as recommending iAccompany, Marney said she absolutely would recommend it for people in the same situation she is in.

“iAccompany is great if you have a loved one that needs to get to appointments and for whatever reason you’re having a difficult time getting there. They accompany them right into the appointment, and help them through the instructions that they receive from the doctor,” said Marney. “What’s nice about iAccompany as well is that if your loved one needs further lab work or to pick up prescriptions on the way home, they will do that for you as well.”

It is difficult to always be there when you have time constraints, and sometimes impossible if you live in a different geographical location. Allow iAccompany to help alleviate the guilt of not being there, while keeping you involved in the process of your loved ones health.

“The iAccompany experience for me really gave me the peace of mind that my loved one was getting to her appointment at the right time, at the right place, and just getting the healthcare that she needed.” Marney S.

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