When Distance Separates You and Your Loved One

When distance separates you and your family, life can sometimes be more challenging. Staying involved, scheduling visits, and using technology to communicate can present many challenges for families.

In these situations, being prepared is key. Having support through family and friends as well as professional help when necessary is important to ensure a smooth transition for your loved one as they begin their aging journey.

As members of the sandwich generation, you are watching your kids get older while your parents are simultaneously doing the same. It can be a difficult transition for everyone, as you start to see your parents age and they can no longer do the things they were once able to do.

Whether it be that age starts to catch up, or as they start to see a chronic illness get worse, it can be a stressful and overwhelming time for an adult child – especially those who live a distance away.

If you live out-of-province or abroad, adult children can often feel helpless when it comes to their aging parent(s) healthcare. 

Because you are not around to help with everyday tasks such as grocery shopping or taking them to appointments, you can start to feel isolated or guilty about not doing enough.

Thanks to our service – we can alleviate the stress and guilt you are feeling!

With iAccompany, you can stay actively involved in your parents’ healthcare from wherever you may live. By creating an online profile and booking appointments through our mobile app or website, you can take charge even from a distance.

Once you’ve booked online, one of iAccompany’s compassionate, qualified, and experienced nurses will accompany your loved one to, during, and from their appointment – including sitting in on the visit with the doctor.

This ensures that the nurse is able to record what transpires between your loved one and the doctor – leaving no room for miscommunication.

When distance separates you and your aging parent, it can often be difficult to get all the information. Whether they forget instructions, or leave out key details, our written report ensures that you are well-informed and able to make decisions alongside your family when it comes to your aging parents’ health.

iAccompany is a great tool for families who would like to stay connected through our secure online portal, which can be accessed by family members all over the globe.

If you have siblings that also live away, iAccompany retains all bookings and reports in one secure, convenient location which can be used for future reference by family members who are granted access. This makes it easy for everyone to be actively involved.

Our aging journeys are something everyone in life expects, but no one is really prepared for as it happens.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

With iAccompany, you can be involved and informed when it comes to your aging parents’ health from wherever you call home. 

Say goodbye to the feelings of guilt for not doing ‘enough’, and instead use iAccompany to make the distance between you feel smaller and stay connected in a meaningful way.

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