The 3 Pillars of iAccompany

In this week’s blog we will discuss in more detail the three pillars of our service. 

iAccompany is a technology based healthcare service that schedules nursing professionals to accompany your loved ones to their doctor’s appointments. We know life gets busy, and sometimes you cannot be there to physically attend appointments with your aging parents.  We created the solution that allows you to still be involved, even when your calendar makes it difficult.

Being unable to attend a loved one’s medical appointments was a recurring circumstance that our founders experienced in their personal lives.   This inability to be there for their loved ones prompted them to create a service to help.

iAccompany is built on our 3 main pillars, which we will discuss in further detail below.

Enhanced Care

“Improving healthcare appointment outcomes with door-to-door accompaniment. We have you covered – from accessible transport vehicles to an informed appointment report.”

Our service is designed to provide your loved ones with more than just transportation. 

By having a qualified and experienced nurse accompany your loved one, we give them and you the peace of mind that they are in capable and professional hands.

Our nursing professionals will accompany your loved one from their house, during their appointment with the doctor, and then safely back to their residence following the appointment. 

Our experienced transport partners are equipped with accessible vehicles, which makes it possible for your loved one to safely attend their appointment. Notes of their specific needs can be recorded in their profile to ensure the nursing professional is prepared for whatever extra care they may need. 

Man using accessible vehicle for transportation

Post appointment activities such as prescription refills or bloodwork, are all included in the service – allowing you to rest easy knowing that your loved ones are in good hands.

The report you receive following the appointment includes all the details of what was discussed, eliminating miscommunication. You can rest easy knowing they have the best care while still keeping you informed to make the appropriate health decisions with them moving forward.

Trusted Service

“Our nursing professionals are compassionate, highly competent, and experienced in accommodating the challenges your loved ones face.”

It is our duty to provide you the best possible care for your loved ones. That’s why our nursing professionals are vetted, qualified, and experienced in the challenges aging adults face. 

Adult children can book a caring and passionate iAccompany nurse who will treat your loved one as their own, and be a friendly face for them in a sometimes nerve-wracking environment. 

Nursing professional helping man in wheelchair

We know that caregivers often have feelings of stress, burnout, and guilt as part of their role. It is not easy to give that responsibility to someone else as you feel “it is your duty” as a son or daughter.

However, the caregiver stress you carry is often not healthy and can create long-term problems for both your physical and mental health. 

You can rest assured knowing that our nursing professional will be diligent in keeping your loved one safe, and has their best interest in mind.

As a member of the Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba, we take pride in providing a service that helps both aging adults and their families. LTCAM has been a valued adviser and partner in the promotion of safe care and living options for seniors living in Manitoba since 1959.

Built for Busy People

“Navigate with ease through our website or app to book an appointment in just a few clicks. Perfectly designed to work with busy schedules and geographically distant loved ones.”

A key pillar of our service is to help serve families who may not be geographically located close to their loved ones. Whether you live in a different province or country, by using iAccompany you can stay connected to your aging parents no matter how many kilometres separate you.

Adult children are sometimes referred to as the “sandwich generation” and have a lot on their plate. Between taking care of their own children, balancing a career, and taking care of their aging parents, it is easy to become stressed and overwhelmed by the never-ending responsibilities.

That’s why we incorporated enabling technology into our service to make the booking process quick and simple.

By creating a profile on our website, you can book appointments from the comfort of your home. Using either our website or mobile app, you can set the date, time, and pickup location for your loved one. 

Woman using her smartphone

Throughout the appointment, you can conveniently track the ride and see when your loved one returns home safely.  Within 24 hours of your loved one’s safe arrival at home, you will be able to access the confidential report detailing both what took place in the examination room and trip and post appointment activities.  This private and secure link will appear on your account, accessible from either the mobile app or using the website.

Your profile allows you to go back and see a record of their last appointment, or to make any changes to their current health plan as a result of what the doctor may have noted. Our pillars are an important part of who we are, and how we can help families .

We know life can get busy and you can’t always be there yourself, so we created a service to help.

Instead of stressing about leaving work early or missing your kids soccer game, book an appointment with iAccompany. Use your time spending quality time and making memories with your loved one, and leave the rest to us. 

If our pillars resonate with you or someone you know,
be sure to visit and
connect with an iAccompany associate today.


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