Solutions for the Sandwich Generation

This two-part feature unveils the many responsibilities the sandwich generation must juggle, as well as solutions that are available to help ease the load. 

Last week we discussed the extreme stress and financial strain people in the sandwich generation often experience. Between balancing a career and family, it is easy for mental and physical health to take a back seat.

In this week’s blog, we will focus on solutions for the sandwich generation who are often overwhelmed when it comes to raising children, maintaining a professional career, helping aging parents, as well as other responsibilities. 

Here are some tips:

1. Hire Help!

Asking for help when you need it should be encouraged – although it is often not. We take on the burden and stress because we don’t want to feel guilty for not being there. However, the time we often spend stressed at appointments can be quality time spent with our loved one instead. 

When you use iAccompany, you know your loved one is in professional and capable hands. Our nursing professionals are qualified, vetted, and experienced in the field, to help give your loved one the best possible outcome when it comes to understanding their healthcare needs. 

By choosing the right services to help, you can alleviate stress and let you spend more quality time with your aging parents. Instead of leaving work early, taking your aging parent to their appointments, and getting home in time to make dinner for your family, leave the appointment to us and have your aging parent over for dinner. Learn more about our great service by visiting and connect with an iAccompany associate to see how we can help!

2. Share the Burden

It is important to share responsibility when it comes to the care of your aging parents. If you have siblings, and it is possible to share the care, make sure to express your feelings if you feel most of the responsibilities are falling in your lap. Life gets busy for everyone, and it can be difficult at times, so communicating your concerns early can help avoid potential disagreements down the road.

With iAccompany, it is possible for all siblings to share in the healthcare of their aging parents by accessing the online portal to book appointments, and reading the reports written by the nursing professional following the appointment. These are visible through a secure link and families can share that access amongst each other, so that family members who may live in a different province or country can still be involved.

3. Talk to Someone

Talking with friends, family members, support groups, or a therapist, is a great way to let go of stress and get certain things off your mind. It may make you feel better to get your thoughts out in the open, and sometimes it feels good to just unload. 

By joining a support group, you may meet people in situations similar to yours who could offer you support and suggestions of how to move forward. There is a large cohort currently in the sandwich generation and most likely someone in a very similar situation to you. Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself and work out some of the mental blocks you may be experiencing. 

4. Create a Financial Map

Between taking care of your family and also providing care to your aging parents, it can become overwhelming financially. We start to hear thoughts of “am I saving enough for the future”, or “what will my retirement look like”, and that can be very stressful to think about. Tie that in with missing work or taking time off to care for our aging parents, and it can quickly become an anxiety-inducing situation. 

Talk to an advisor or professional and be sure that you are on the right track for yourself and your family. Between saving for a college tuition, future medical fees for your aging parent, and thinking about retirement, it can get pretty expensive. It could be as simple as creating a budget or managing your everyday spending. 

Since iAccompany is a technology-based service, we make it easy for families to stay connected through our mobile app and website. This allows families to share the financial burden (if they choose) as appointments can be booked through a shared profile. This method helps to keep your loved ones information in an organized and secure space, that family can access to help make improvements to their loved ones healthcare. 

5. Take Time to Recharge

Sometimes when we are so focused on taking care of others we forget to take care of ourselves. However, if we are not at our best we cannot provide proper care to others and we are often not the best version of ourselves. So in everything the sandwich generation does to love and care for their kids, their spouses, and their aging parents, they must also care for themselves.

Whether it means going out with friends, getting some extra sleep, a massage, or going to the gym – life balance is critical to both your physical and mental health.   The stress that comes from being part of the sandwich generation can take a serious toll on you physically and mentally if left unchecked.  Sometimes you just need the time for yourself to re-energize.

Whether you are experiencing the challenges yourself, or know someone who is, share this article with them and help them conquer whatever challenges they may be facing.

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