Jackson Explains What Makes iAccompany So Unique

Today we are catching up with our business development specialist, Jackson, who has many years of experience caring for our elders.

Jackson believes that iAccompany offers a unique experience to families by having our nurses sit in on the meeting between the patient and doctor. This is a service that is  overlooked by organizations more focused on the transportation of seniors. 

“The reason we are unique is because we combine person-centered values from our nurses, with efficient and easy-to-use technology to put you in the examination room with your loved one,” Jackson said. “This way you can continue to help them navigate the healthcare system, even when life has made it challenging for you to do so.”

At iAccompany, we understand life can get busy. Between working full-time and raising your own family, caring for your aging parents can add a lot of stress and make your calendar look overwhelming. 

Prior to iAccompany, Jackson worked at a personal care home and took care of people who were physically and cognitively impaired. 

“Something I learned is that a lot of people who were physically impaired entered the home after suffering from a fall, stroke, or early-onset Alzheimer’s or dementia. They were people who were living with their husband or wife one day, and the next day were in a completely new atmosphere.”

This can be a big adjustment for a family to make. Pulling people away from an environment they called home for so long can be difficult for anyone to overcome. 

What Jackson learned is that a lot of the time they were moving into long term care homes far too soon. That’s when he was introduced to the idea of ‘aging in place’. iAccompany is a service that gives people the opportunity to age in their home while still getting the help they need.

“Services such as ours can help elongate people’s abilities to live in the community,” said Jackson. “So what really interested me with iAccompany is the chance to keep some of these seniors, who have been living in their homes for 20, 30, or 40 years, to have a chance to stay there and live out the rest of their lives in that home.”

Jackson has been working to some degree with the aging population for the last eight years, and has learned a lot. He built friendships with many seniors that would benefit from a service such as iAccompany – which makes the project all the more meaningful to him.

During his career as a caregiver, Jackson has met with and spoken to a lot of families who are working full-time jobs, raising children, and now trying to take care of their elderly parents as well. 

“Two of the biggest emotions people expressed to me were burnout and guilt. What iAccompany does is actually solve both of those problems at once.”

“The burnout will dissipate when one third of the care you are providing is delegated to the family representative. In return, providing you more energy to better spend with your family,” said Jackson. “Once the burnout dissipates there will be no more sense of guilt because you know everyone in your family is being looked after as best as they possibly can be.”

Caregiver burnout is a common emotion, so we created a service to alleviate much if not all of that stress, and redirect your time to be spent in more meaningful ways. By using iAccompany, you can spend quality time with your loved one making memories that will last forever. 

So put your trust in iAccompany, where we treat your loved one as our own.

Reach out to Jackson directly by calling (204) 291 4770
or visit our website today to see if your loved one qualifies
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