Happy International Nurses Day!

As we celebrate International Nurses Week, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the incredible team of nurses we are lucky to have as a part of our team.

iAccompany nurses have an important job of connecting the doctor, patient, and family members together.

When using iAccompany, you get the peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in capable and professional hands.

When you cannot attend appointments yourself, you are often left feeling out of the loop. The information given by the doctor does not always get back to you in full and feelings of guilt can quickly creep in.

With iAccompany, we eliminate those feelings by keeping you informed with our detailed written reports that you can access following the appointment.

Our nursing professionals will not only provide accompaniment for your loved one, but also peace of mind for you.

By having a professional in the room taking notes of what is discussed, you will feel relieved to still be involved in the conversation. Prior to the meeting, you have the opportunity to pose any questions through your iAccompany profile, allowing the nurse to cover all the information you need to proceed with helping your loved one on their aging journey.

iAccompany nurses are qualified, vetted, and passionate about helping others and will treat your loved one as their own. 

One iAccompany nurse, named Sandra, really enjoyed her experience with iAccompany.

“It was a chance to spend a lot more time with a patient. Nursing is a very fast paced profession now – it is very task oriented and there isn’t a lot of time to really be with someone,” said Sandra. “We are nurses, it’s a compassionate profession and that is the experience I was looking for when I signed up with iAccompany.”

The written report allowed Sandra the opportunity to interact with the client, and also be a nurse. Taking notes, understanding the doctors’ instructions really gave her the chance to do her job – which made her feel complete in the experience. 

Another iAccompany nurse, Sarah, also appreciated her experience as she got to connect with her client on the way to the doctors office.

She could definitely see the benefit of having an experienced nurse provide the accompaniment as it helps the families who cannot be there. 

“iAccompany gives families peace of mind to know someone is there that wants to be there, to help them fully understand what transpired in the appointment.”

Knowing all the facts better prepares you to make decisions in the future based on the outcomes reported by your iAccompany nurse. Having those files available through the iAccompany secure link also allows you to go back and review past appointments and better understand the progress your loved one is making.

We thank our incredible nurses for the service they provide to the individuals they accompany.

iAccompany offers enhanced care through our trusted nursing professionals who are passionate about providing the best care possible. Our service is built for busy people who still want the peace of mind that our nursing professionals bring.

Thank you to all the caring, qualified, and compassionate
nursing professionals at iAccompany.
We appreciate you and hope you have a great 
International Nurses Week!

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