From Our CTO: Using our Website and Mobile App

This week, we caught up with the iAccompany Chief Technology Officer, Doug Stoyko. As one of the co-founders of our service, Doug works to keep our online portal secure and ensure your privacy is protected on both our mobile app and website.

Much like the other founders, the iAccompany service was born out of necessity in Doug’s life. His experiences of trying to juggle his own responsibilities on top of taking care of his aging parent were causing a lot of stress for Doug and his family – and iAccompany became the perfect solution.

“In our personal lives, we noticed that we were having trouble getting our parents to appointments and really understanding what was going on in those appointments,” said Doug.

From there, Jeff, Byrnes, and Doug asked some nursing professional friends if they would attend the appointment, listen to the suggestions, and take notes on the conversation taking place between the patient and doctor.

Over time, Doug noted the peace of mind it brought to both him and his aging mother. “The more we did this the more comforting it was for us and the more comforting it was for our parents as well.”

They quickly noticed how this could be an incredible service for people all over to utilize.

What differentiates iAccompany is that the nursing professional does not only bring your loved one to and from their appointment, but also sits in on the meeting between the doctor and patient. This eliminates the miscommunication barrier that often arises when information is not being shared. 

“The report following the appointment allows you to understand what transpired, and gives you a full understanding of what was discussed during the appointment,” said Doug. 

As Chief Technology Officer, Doug also enjoys the technology iAccompany employs – which keeps you informed on where your loved one is at all times. From your cell phone, you can track the process of the appointment right from picking up the patient, going to the doctor’s appointment, and coming back. This can also be viewed on your desktop by visiting our website and logging in. You’re fully informed during the process and most importantly following the appointment with the full report from the nursing professional. 

The full report documents what transpired during the appointment including comments and suggestions from the doctor as well as the answers to any questions you may have had prior to the appointment.

We realize how comforting it is for users to get all that information right to your handheld device. Even if you cannot be there yourself, we are providing you the information as if you are there. 

“At iAccompany, we utilize state of the art web and mobile technology so you can track the status of the appointment – from the pickup back to the drop off. It’s all posted on Google platforms so you can rest assured that all the information you provided us is completely secure,” said Doug. 

As someone who went through the experience himself, Doug would recommend iAccompany to anybody who has a family member or friend who you’re having trouble getting to medical appointments, or you just want more insight into what’s going on in those medical appointments. 

“If you just want a little more reassurance as to what is happening – iAccompany is the service for you.”

You can download our app by searching for iAccompany in the App Store or get it on Google Play. You can also visit our website at and get started today.

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