Larry enjoyed his ride with iAccompany is found the service very beneficial.

Customer Testimonial: Riding with Larry

Today we will hear from Larry, a gentleman who used iAccompany to get to his doctor’s appointment and really enjoyed the experience.

On his visit, Larry got to meet Sandra, an experienced nurse who accompanied him to the doctors office, sat with him in the waiting room, took notes while in the examination room with Larry and the doctor, and saw him safely home following the visit.

“It was a very comfortable feeling,” said Larry. “It was nice to have someone in attendance to ride in the car and come into the facility with me. It felt good, it felt safe, and I was very pleased.”

The iAccompany difference is that our nursing professionals do not only see you to and from the appointment, but sit in with the doctor and your loved one. 

When booking your appointment online or using our mobile app, you can add any questions you might have for the doctor. Your iAccompany nursing professional will ask the doctor your questions during the visit. The responses and notes on the appointment will then be sent through a secure link for you to review following the appointment.

“I feel like it’s important that the next generation knows what’s happening with their elders and their parents, so they can monitor their progress and be there for them.”

The goal of iAccompany is to service those who cannot always be in the doctor’s appointment with their loved ones. Our service was designed to bring peace of mind to the patient, who may be nervous, as well as the family, who is worried about missing out on important information. 

“Well I guess sometimes you get a little nervous, this way the nursing professional can settle you down, chit chat, and befriend you which is very comforting,” said Larry. “Sandra was there as a participant and was able to understand what was going on – so it was nice to have someone there.”

As your loved one gets older, and risks become more threatening, let us help! Our service is designed to reduce the risks, stress, and uncertainty of your loved one’s medical appointments. 

Our professional and experienced family representatives are there to be your eyes and ears, and to treat your loved one as you would. 

When your loved one attends an appointment on their own, it’s often hard to get a clear idea of what transpired – be it they didn’t understand what the doctor was saying, or, they are unable to reliably communicate the details to you. With iAccompany, our nursing professional hears the information first-hand, and records the discussions in clear and concise notes for you.

“As we get older you realize that maybe you’re not omnipotent and it’s good to have someone around to be with you,” said Larry. “Something happens or you misinterpret what the doctor says – there is someone there to recall everything for you and I think that’s important.”

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