Customer Testimonial: Ease Your Mind

This week we connected with Kelly, who used our accompaniment service to attend her doctor’s appointment.

Alongside Kelly every step of the way was Sarah, an iAccompany nursing professional, who is a qualified and passionate registered nurse with a BSN degree.

Every iAccompany nurse is vetted and matched to the best of our ability to fit the needs of your loved one – whether they have a specific medical need or a language barrier.

What differentiates our service from others is the trusted nurse who accompanies your loved one. This is designed to ease your loved one’s mind on the way to the appointment, and during the appointment, as they know they are in professional and capable hands.

“I really enjoyed having the nurse there with me for the ride there,” said Kelly. “Having company and having someone to talk with is very nice. “

Having the nurse alongside your loved one will also ease your mind while you are elsewhere, knowing they are with a qualified and trusted nurse who will understand the terminology used by the doctor and be able to provide you detailed notes and answer your questions. 

“I would definitely recommend this service, especially if there is no one else around to attend the appointment. If you’re going by yourself and you need a second pair of ears, or someone to listen and write things down, it’s definitely a good idea.”

Following the appointment, their notes and the doctor’s recommendations will be available for you in a secure written report that you can view at your leisure. The report keeps you informed and eliminates miscommunication.

It is easy to feel discombobulated when sitting in the doctor’s office. Whether you are nervous about doing tests or getting results from your doctor, it is nice to have a calming presence with you to ease your mind prior to, during and after the appointment.

“Sometimes you are frazzled when you hear something and everything else kind of goes away,” said Kelly. “You don’t get all the information which I’ve had happen to me before.”

Having a copy that you can access securely through your online account is a great way to recall what was discussed and make healthcare plans for the future. 

The report helps to benefit your ongoing healthcare needs as you can go back and read notes that you may have missed at first glance, or forgotten about over time. 

“My mom and dad are older and they don’t go together to their appointments, they go separately. I think they need someone there to get the information and it would help ease my mind to know what the doctor communicates,” said Kelly.

When it comes to the healthcare of an aging parent or loved one, it is important to keep your family informed. If you live in a different location than your family and can’t be there physically to know the circumstances – iAccompany is perfect for you. 

Having a portal that contains all the information allows families to make proactive and informed decisions when it comes to the healthcare needs of their loved ones. 

“I would recommend iAccompany to my friends and family so that you can get all the information,” said Kelly. “It’s good to have someone there to listen and talk with and I really enjoyed the experience.”


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