Five Reasons You Should Start Using iAccompany

If you are the primary caregiver of your aging parent – this is the blog for you! This week we are discussing five reasons you should start using iAccompany, and how our service helps alleviate the stress and burnout caregivers often feel.

Within the aging population, we often see adults go to retirement homes or long-term care facilities very early in their aging process. There are many reasons for this – one being that family may not be around to provide care for their loved one, or that they do not have the time or support to take on the full responsibilities and duties.

At iAccompany, we make aging in place possible. Whether you are strained by time or live in a different province or country than your aging parent – iAccompany lets you stay involved in their healthcare. 

1. Peace of mind

Our goal is to bring peace of mind to you and your family. Our service is designed to keep you informed through the whole process, which is why you can trace the entire appointment right from your phone. What makes us unique is that our nursing professionals not only transport your loved one to and from their appointment – but join the conversation between the doctor and your loved one. This eliminates any chance of misinterpretation or miscommunication when discussing their healthcare and the best practices moving forward.

The report you receive following the appointment is detailed and will review everything the doctor discussed – from diagnosis to next steps – and brings your loved one peace knowing they are not alone. Medical appointments can be stressful and nerve-wracking experiences for people to attend alone, but our nurses are passionate about their work and experienced in compassionate, professional care which makes for a perfect combination and outcome for your loved one. The report will give you the peace of mind knowing you have an accurate record of the doctor’s instructions, and helps you to make a more educated and informed decision about your loved one’s healthcare moving forward. 

2. Relieve caregiver burnout

Caregiver burnout is a strong emotion that is felt by many who provide care for aging parents or loved ones. It is important to practice self-care in all areas of your life, as you cannot provide quality care to others without taking care of yourself first. With mental health issues coming to the forefront, we must know when to ask for help. iAccompany was created to be that help when it comes to the healthcare of your aging loved ones..

Whether you are juggling your career, family life, your caregiving responsibilities, or anything else going on in your life, everyone reaches a breaking point. It is important to recognize when you are being affected, and to look for services that can alleviate that stress. At iAccompany, we created the necessary steps to ensure you can rest easy knowing your loved one is in capable and professional hands. We are not just a transportation service, but a healthcare service that will ensure your loved one is transported safely to and from their appointment, and get you the details you need for peace of mind when you can’t be there yourself. We know life can get busy, so our nursing professionals treat your loved one as their own, and relieve you of the stress and guilt that you may feel as a primary caregiver.

3. Allow your loved one to age in place

Aging in place is an important conversation when discussing senior care. Oftentimes, our aging parents are placed in retirement homes or long-term care homes long before they need to be. It is difficult for their physical and mental well-being to be taken from their home – which they have occupied for decades – and move them to a new setting around different people. Instead, let them age in place and hire services that make it possible to do so – like iAccompany.

By letting your loved one age in place, you provide them the opportunity to live independently, comfortably, in a home and community that they are familiar with. Their home is filled with memories that they will hold onto as they age, making for a smoother transition. Their physical and cognitive behaviour will benefit, while still getting them the help they need through accompaniment and care from professionals who are experts in the field.

4. Spend quality time with your loved one instead

When we become caregivers for our aging parents, it is easy to feel more like a nurse than a child. When burnout sets in, we often associate the stress of taking care of them with spending quality time. But that isn’t always the case.

With iAccompany, we give you your time back. Caregivers often worry about getting their loved ones to their doctors appointments – often scheduled during the day of a working week – which can be difficult to schedule around. Instead, delegate that care to our qualified nursing professional and spend quality time with your aging parent on your own schedule. By alleviating the stress around their healthcare and your attendance at their appointment, you can focus on more important memories. Focus more on scheduling time to take a walk together, cook a meal together, or spend time just chatting and relaxing – real quality time. 

5. Easy-to-use technology makes it simple!

The iAccompany user experience is designed to be simple and save time. Whether you login to your account from the website or mobile app, you can book appointments fast and download appointment reports even faster!

Our service and technology was designed for busy people. By setting up your loved one’s profile, you can personalize and add any details that may be important for the nursing professional to note. You can set your loved ones’ pick-up and drop-off location and save it for future appointments. Prior to the appointment, you can record any questions you wish to ask the doctor and will receive the full report through a secure link following the visit.

We know life can get busy, so we created a user-experience to reflect your needs. Create an account today and see for yourself!


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