Rewarding Work: In the Eyes of Family Representatives

Family Representatives at iAccompany have a very rewarding job. They serve as your eyes and ears when attending appointments with your loved ones.  They bring peace of mind to the family members who can’t always be there themselves. 

Our family representatives are professionally trained nurses who are looking to get more out of their profession. 

iAccompany family representatives:

  • Arrive at your loved ones residence and accompany them to their appointment
  • Sit in on the medical appointment with the healthcare professional 
  • Ask any questions you may have posed prior to the appointment, and take notes on any additional information the doctor provides
  • Confirm follow-up appointments
  • Accompany your loved ones for any post appointment lab tests or to pick-up any medication prescribed by the doctor
  • Accompany your loved one back to their residence
  • Provide a full written report following the appointment for you and your family to read

When you register at and complete the health profile, we learn more about your loved one in order to provide nursing accompaniment more closely suited to the individual’s needs.

Sarah is a registered nurse with a BSN, who joined iAccompany to get a little more out of her profession. “I would definitely recommend it to any friends or family that do have aging parents or relatives in their life,” said Sarah.

“It helps them to have peace of mind that if they can’t go with their loved one to an appointment – that someone is there that wants to be there, and to help them fully know what happened at the appointment.”

At iAccompany, we recognize that aging parents and loved ones require someone who is patient, compassionate, and understands the medical issues aging adults face. Our family representatives are qualified nurses who will provide exceptional one-on-one care for your loved one, while also providing peace of mind for you and your family.

“It also helps the client who you’re with feel more at ease with the entire situation knowing that someone is there to be on their side,” said Sarah.

We know that caring for your loved ones can sometimes be a stressful and time consuming task. If you work full-time, or have a family or your own to take care of, it can often lead to caregiver burnout. Let us help.

At iAccompany, our family representatives provide excellent accompaniment and treat your loved one as their own. Our goal is to be your eyes and ears bringing you peace of mind when you can’t be there yourself. 

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