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Jeff Reitberger
Chief Executive Officer


The iAccompany inspiration came from my wife. Her mom, who was in her mid-80s, had a number of chronic illnesses and saw her doctor and specialists numerous times a year. My wife tried to accommodate those appointments but it took a huge amount of time away from her full-time profession. One day she said to me, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a business that could provide those accompaniment services for me.

Doug Stoyko
Chief Information Officer


In our personal lives, we noticed that we were having trouble getting our parents to appointments and really understanding what was going on in those appointments. If you just want a little more reassurance as to what is happening – iAccompany is the service for you.

Byrnes Benoit


iAccompany puts you in the examination room with the healthcare provider and your loved one, and lets you know exactly what transpired. This allows you to better approach the ongoing contribution you make to the healthcare of your aging loved one.

Jackson Charron
Business Development Specialist


I personally want to see seniors thriving and living the best life they can, even with all the challenges life presents. Thanks to all the aging adults that I have had the pleasure of working with, their ample years of wisdom have made me the person I am today. Now I have the opportunity to give back through our awesome service.

Cassandra Briscoe
Marketing Specialist


iAccompany offers an incredible service to both aging adults and their adult children. Leave the doctors appointments to our compassionate and qualified nurses and spend more quality time with your aging parents and family. We know life gets busy, so we created a solution to help ease the load.

Winnipeg-based technology firm iAccompany announces new nurse-accompanied service and app to improve medical appointment outcomes for aging parents and their caregivers

July 20, 2021 (Winnipeg, MB) – Winnipeg-based technology firm iAccompany is proud to announce a new nurse-accompanied service that will improve medical appointment outcomes for aging parents and their caregivers.

“Through extensive research with healthcare organizations and our own personal experiences, we found that more and more people were finding it difficult to be actively involved in the healthcare needs of their aging parents, especially with regards to medical appointments,” said iAccompany CEO Jeffrey Reitberger.

“They have full time jobs and children of their own and finding the time to accompany their parents to medical appointments and following up afterwards posed numerous challenges. iAccompany’s new service addresses those challenges.”

iAccompany takes the anxiety, uncertainty and unknowns out of your loved one’s next medical visit by providing an accredited nursing professional that meets the patient at their residence, accompanies the patient to and from their appointment in a safe and timely manner, and liaises with the medical professional and their staff to ensure timely and understandable communication of the appointment results and treatment plan going forward.

The nursing professional observes the appointment and takes notes, poses any questions customers have identified prior to the appointment, records the responses, and also confirms the next appointment and/or any referrals.

If a new prescription, lab work or medical device is required, the nursing professional will accompany the patient to the appropriate outlet as needed. Once these additional activities are complete, the nursing professional will accompany the patient safely home.

To book an iAccompany service request, customers must first create an account at the iAccompany.ca website or through the iAccompany app. Once the account is created, customers can add loved ones as patients and provide the health-related information required to match the right nursing professional with the patient’s needs. After the service request is booked, an iAccompany Relationship Manager will confirm the appointment. A valid credit card is required and charged after the appointment.

iAccompany takes the privacy and security of credit card and patient information very seriously and has partnered with Google Cloud, the most trusted technical service provider online today.

Two levels of liability insurance are in place for the protection of your loved ones, the first through the transportation company and the second through iAccompany. Additional safety measures included during the COVID-19 pandemic include the requirements that all drivers, staff and patients wear a mask and practice social distancing, the highest standards of vehicle cleanliness and cashless transactions.

“It was a very comfortable feeling,” said iAccompany client Larry Hecht. “It was nice to have someone in attendance for the ride in the car and to come into the facility with me. You know, as you get older, you realize that maybe you’re not omnipotent, and it’s good to have someone around, to be with you. Something happens, misinterprets what the doctor says, there’s someone there that can recall everything for you. It felt good, it felt safe, and I was very pleased.”

iAccompany puts you in the examination room with your loved one when you can’t physically be there, facilitating connections between the doctors, patients and nurses, improving communications by providing a formal peer-reviewed patient report upon conclusion of the appointment, thereby increasing safety for the patient.

Imagine the peace of mind.

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Jeffrey Reitberger, CEO
Phone: (204) 291-4779
Email: info@iAccompany.ca